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The WSCC Student Bookswap is a free service that lets students post, browse, buy, and trade textbooks amongst each other.
This saves you money and helps the environment too!

~ How it works ~
Upon logging into your account and accepting the disclaimer, you can click the 'Post new book' button to place a book up on the bookswap for others to view.  You may browse the books currently being offered by other posters via the 'Browse Books' button.  All communication between the buyers, sellers, and traders is done through private email correspondence.  Someone who is interested in a book you have posted will contact you regarding it and you may arrange a meeting at your convenience.

~ Disclaimer ~
The WSCC Bookstore is not responsible for the quality of items bought or traded on the Student Bookswap.  Be sure to contact the book's poster if you have any questions about the quality or content of the purchased items.  West Shore Community College bears no responsibility for transactions that take place on the Student Bookswap.